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Friday, January 18, 2008

Film: Tom Cruise Rumors Make For Video Gold

The name even sounds like a gay porn star -- Tom Cruise. But is the well-known possibly Operating Thetan gay? Gawker thinks so and has the clip reel to prove it.

On a more scholarly note, Gawker references the scene in the otherwise awful indie film Sleep With Me in which Quentin Tarantino does an improvised bravura riff on the homoerotic undertones embedded in Top Gun. It's that kind of close meta-reading that allows him to repurpose and reference the millions of films he's seen in his own movies while still developing his own distinct voice as a director. For real. He doesn't even have to say that Kelly McGillis' visual make-over is a shout-out to Vertigo. He knows you know. Check it out:

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