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Friday, January 18, 2008

Politics: Hillary Opens Up on Tyra -- "Be True to Yourself"

Tyra's infamous fat suit bears a striking resemblance to Linda Tripp...

Tyra Banks -- so easy to make fun of. Yet she managed this week to get Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to open up and talk about an area of her personal life that many Americans are curious about. It may be that this is part of the Clinton campaign's strategy to allow people to see a more personal side of the candidate, something that was very effective in New Hampshire. She talked candidly with Tyra about her reaction to her husband's affair with Monica Lewinsky and clearly pleased a rapt audience. Here's the clip:

Of course this is also the 10th anniverssary of the affair. Jon Stewart revisited the coverage at the time, and the styles of the late 90s on his Daily Show this week:

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