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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Politics: Bush Snared in the Series of Tubes Known as The Interwebs

Our good friends at The Warpublican Review highlight a New York Times story that suggests that Bush is to lies as Jeff Foxworthy is to redneck jokes. In other words, you know you're a liar when there now exists an entire searchable Internet database to document your lies. You can thank the folks at The Center For Public Integrity for carrying on the work of pioneering journalists like I. F. Stone by bringing hard hitting investigative journalism into the information age. The kicker is these are only Iraq war related -- and there are almost 1,000 provably false statements. Imagine a comprehensive examination of the administration's truthfulness across the board. Below is a chart they compiled of falsity by month...

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1 comment:

Warpublican said...

This is an amazing project. Even if you disregard the politics and ONLY utilize the database, you will be BLOWN AWAY!!!