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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Politics: Surprise! Clinton Finds Her Voice, Obama Finds a Horse Race and We Find (Maybe) Naked Romney

All of the pundits -- from the major media all the way down to me wrote Hillary Clinton off in New Hampshire. Hah! Instead voters last night delivered a classic "Dewey Defeats Truman" moment after the obits had already been written on the Clinton candidacy.

Now it's a true race between two very worthy candidates -- Obama already bursting with positive energy and a rejuvenated Clinton displaying anew her steely resilience.

As for last night's speeches...Hillary had a strong start and finish -- she got some great -- maybe even future classic-- soundbite moments. I still found Obama's speech to be remarkable for a guy who came in runner-up -- on message and powerful if a bit lengthy.

Whichever of them becomes the nominee will have been strengthened and tempered by this true contest -- a plus for everyone.

As for the Republicans ...sickly-looking faux-maverick Bush convert McCain won over Lyle Waggoner look-alike Mitt Romney.

Lyle Waggoner or Mitt Romney? "Hey there sugar -- ever strap a dog to the roof of your station wagon?"

Here's Hillary's speech...that opening about finding her voice is the line of the night:

Here is Obama's concession speech -- notice the pivot now that the contests are moving to states with more black voters-- there is a bit more overt acknowledgement of race. That "Yes we can" is very powerful stuff -- worked on me anyhow.

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Mister Buck said...

Nice Call out - the MSM took a bath on Primary night...