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Friday, April 25, 2008

Design: Happy Earth Day! Peterbilt Based Hot Rod Says "I'm Draining Ur Natchrul Resorcez"

Stunned Admiration By Noah Mallin

Rogue designer Michael Leeds is one sick pup -- this here is a 1950 Peterbilt semi cab transformed into a hot rod. Though Leeds estimates 12 MPG out of this monster I suspect that has to be downhill with a howling tailwind. (More pics including the one above can be found at

Leeds also designed the way, way cool Blastolene for Jay Leno, a guy who's car nuttery is in inverse proportion to his late-night lameness. The Blastolene is powered by a tank engine (!) and probably has a turning radius similar to an aircraft carrier. Here is Leno behind the wheel.

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