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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Music: This Week's New Releases

Compiled by Noah Mallin

Here are some of the interesting new music choices this week. As always, if the vids show up as not available hit refresh in your browser.

R.E.M. mark the box labeled crunchy guitars on their new album Accelerate. Here's the video for "Supernatural Superserious" and no, that's not Moby:

The Annuals slide their Wet Zoo EP across the counter at ya. Here's Annuals doing an oldie --"Brother", way back in 2006 at The Bowery Ballroom:

Retro garage blues punks The Black Keys get pulled into the current century by producer Danger Mouse on Attack & Release. Here's the Black Keys doing "I Got Mine" off the new album live. What, no girl drummer?

Wacky tobacky enthusiast Willie Nelson gets the career retrospective treatment with the 4CD boxset One Hell of a Ride. Here's Willie looking like a scruff with Enrique's papa together in slim-o-vision:

Ministry cover ZZ Top, Bob Dylan, and Tom Waits on their really really last album (for now) Cover Up. Here's the sickest version of "Lay Lady Lay" ever:

The soundtrack to Martin Scorsese's concert film Shine a Light on the Rolling Stones -- shot in Wrinkle-Vision and featuring guests Jack White, Christina Aguilera and Buddy Guy. Here are the aged rockers doing the title track to Some Girls, somewhat sanitized lyrically:

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