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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Culture: You Go Tobias! Cross and Tamblyn Makin' Flippy Floppy?

Scurrilous Gossip Passed on By Noah Mallin

As you may or may not know, we here at POSAS are major Arrested Development fans and follow every minuscule movement of the late, great show's brilliant cast with an interest just short of Adderall-induced. Thus we were chuffed at today's Huffington Post update which reports that pretty, young Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants wearer Amber Tamblyn is dating pretty old David Cross (who played never-nude sexual-identity-challenged Tobias). Not that there's anything wrong with that! I've known at least one young woman who has succumbed to the Mr. Show star's personal magnetism.

1 comment:

rebecca said...

What can I say? I had a thing for short, bald men there for awhile. And all I did was buy him a beer at the Matador 10th anniversary party at Irving Plaza. Wait, you're talking about me, right?