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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Music: This Week's New Releases

Though it seems like only a few years ago that The Replacement's early output on Twin/Tone was remastered, their old catalog is now in the hands of Rhino and gets the deluxe re-issue treatment this week. Anyone without a copy of the magnificent Let It Be (1984) ought to crawl down to their local record store (if one still exists) and cough up. Even better, all the albums (Sorry Ma, Forgot to Take Out The Trash the 1981 debut which rocks Johnny Thunders-style, the follow-up EP Stink which shifts to a more hardcore sound, 1983's messy but beloved Hootenanny and the aforementioned masterpiece Let It Be) contain rare bonus tracks. Even better news is that this treatment will be accorded to their Sire albums as well later this year. Could the Alex Chilton produced demos for Tim finally see the light of day? Here's the classic video for "Bastards of Young" (not in this batch of re-issues) which aptly summed up the band's attitude about fancy-schmancy MTV in the mid-80s:

Former Rocket From The Crypt-ster John Reis (aka Speedo) brings along some of his Hot Snakes buddies under new guise The Night Marchers and their album See You in Magic. Here they are doing "Whose Lady R U?" live:

TV's Flight of The Conchords release their first full-length on Sub Pop. The album, pithily titled Flight of The Conchords features a number of the New Zealanders best known songs as seen on HBO. Here's "Inner-City Pressure":

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