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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Music: This Week's New Releases

The new offerings in the music world this week sound more like an update from an Afghan record store what with Mountain Battles and a new Cave dispatch.

Leading the way is a new album by the sisters Deal, otherwise known as The Breeders to us mere mortals. I don't think it's overpraise to call my first encounter with Mountain Battles delightful, a compendium of all the things I've come to rely on Kim (and Kelley) Deal for and a few new tricks to boot. Here's a home-made video for "Overglazed":

Nick Cave laughs in the face of those who say you can't rock and age gracefully. He and his Bad Seeds issue Dig! Lazarus, Dig! I don't think it's overpraise to say this may be one of their best albums. In addition Cave has a fantstaic mustache. Enjoy the title track:

Sub Pop gives us two very special releases, the freaky-folksy friendly EP from Fleet Foxes they call Sun Giant and hot UK act Foals' post-punk debut Antidote. I don't think it's overpraise to say that each of these albums will make someone's Top 10 list -- somewhere. Could it be you? Here are the Fleet Foxes doing "Summertime":

And the Foals' herky-jerky "Cassius":

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