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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Food: Another One Bites The Dust -- New York Loses It's All-Night Vibe as Cheyenne Diner is Forced to Close

New York is the city that never sleeps but chalk up affordable 24-hour-a-day mom and pop eateries as a thing of the past. Joining the meatpacking district's venerable Florent on the soon to shut down list is old school diner Cheyenne on the far west side. Named for it's far-Westerly location, this circa 1940's diner is one of surprisingly few of it's kind left in the Big Apple.

More importantly, they have an outstanding selection of excellent burgers and their shakes are top notch.

Cheyenne is leaving so that the property owner can, surprise, surprise, put up yet another high rise full of apartments that only the rich can afford. Though he's promising restaurant space on the first floor there can be no doubt that it will lack the character (and probably the affordability) of the current occupant.

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