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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Music: Today's Disco Rock Song of The Day -- The Beach Boys Track Sand Onto The Dancefloor

An Ongoing Expose by Noah Mallin

In the annals of rock bands who dabbled in disco, few chapters are sadder to relate (or to listen to) than the Beach Boys and their foray into the genre. As we've already seen the year 1979 would prove a fateful one for many a seasoned musician. For the venerable Beach Boys their 60s peak was long past. A brief nostalgic comeback had ensued in 1974 but they wanted to be relevant hitmakers dammit!

L.A. (Light Album) turned out to be a mishmosh of styles but right there at the beginning of Side 2 (ask your grandparents kids) was a nearly 11-minute long remake of their 1967 Wild Honey track "Here Comes The Night" discofied within an inch of it's life. It's hard to know what Brian Wilson thought of this, the video clip below makes him appear to have been pulled from the bottom of a Santa Monica dumpster especially for their appearance that night. If it's any indication, his centerpiece on the album was a meandering stab at "Shortnin' Bread". Not pretty.

1 comment:

Mark said...

This song was not even the Beach Boys' idea, it was Bruce Johnston, the keyboard player and some engineers who did it. At 33 seconds in, Dennis Wilson is clearly painfully embarrassed to be in this thing, and Al Jardine's guitar strap falls off at 1 minute. Weird video.