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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

TV: I'm Totally Gay For Rachel Maddow -- Seriously, Without My Penis I'd Be a Total Lesbian

My friend (who is not remotely mannish though she knows her way around a toolbox better than I do) told me last night that I have a thing for "mannish" women. This was, not coincidentally while we were watching the Wisconsin primary returns on NBC's multiple-sclerosis branded newschannel MSNBC. Once again the esteemable Keith Olbermann brought on Air America's Rachel Maddow and I offered up my opinion that's she's "awfully cute." Hence the mannish observation. "Anyhow, " My friend continued, "she's a lesbian..."

Maddow with Olbermann

I was skeptical of her gaydar driven analysis but sure enough she was right, Maddow lives with her partner in domestic bliss, the artist Susan Mikula.

Perhaps it was my pubescent years in the early 80s -- the peak of the short-haired look -- that led me down this path. I remember the effect that Linda Fiorentino had on me in the paintball craze/ cold war themed spy thriller Gotcha! (check her out at :27 in the clip below):

Still, what am I if not a lesbian -- with a penis -- though I may not be a butch icon like K.D. Lang is according to this week's freckly New York Magazine . Watch Maddow slice and dice conservative hot-air merchant and defintely not a lesbian Pat Buchanan on Chris Matthew's show:


Deidre said...

i love her too. i had a dream last night in which she was my lesbian lover. too bad i woke up next to my husband. :)

Anonymous said...

e dykes. I'm a straight married man. But short haired girls are fucking cute. They need some good cock in the mouth and ass. Short hair and little make up forsce a woman to be natrually pretty. Fuck all that makeup and hairspray. I want to fuck Rachel till her tears run dry.