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Friday, February 15, 2008

Design: Rinspeed Invites Drivers to Get Wet in Submersible Convertible

Wha? You can count on the Geneva Auto Show to deliver almost as many wacky concepts as Tokyo and this year looks to be no exception. Swiss tuner Rinspeed answers the unasked question by presenting the SQuba, a Lotus Elise designed to be driven on land and under water. And it has an open cockpit.

Before you ask if Switzerland has legalized weed, Rinspeed explains that a closed cockpit would be more dangerous and add to the vehicle's weight. It all kind of makes sense and then again, not. Inside, grippy seat fabric and SCUBA style accesories keep you planted and breathing, and the whole shebang is said to be salt water proof. The sidepods are part of the electric underwater propulsion system. Here's a video showing the James Bond-y goodness:

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