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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Music News:The Craziest Record Ever? Frank Black (Francis) , Isaac Brock, Larry Norman Cover Lee Hazlewood

Black Francis

Pitchfork confirms what has merely been wild conjecture: Move over Scarlett Johansson for the wildest record combo yet. Ex-Pixies frontman Black Francis (or Frank Black depending on his mood) Issac Brock of Modest Mouse, recently (as in this Sunday) deceased Christian rock pioneer Larry Norman, and Norman's brother's band Guards of Metropolis, all joining to cover songs from also recently expired singer/songwriter/ Nancy Sinatra svengali Lee Hazlewood's album Trouble is a Lonesome Town.

Norman has been acknowledged as an early influence by Black Francis, as has Hazlewood.

Here are some clips-- as always just refresh the page if they don't play the first time. If you are reading this on another site just follow the link back here and enjoy!

Here's Larry Norman doing "Why Should the Devil Have all The Good Music":

Here's Guards of Metropolis doing "Whatever it is":

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