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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Music: Magnetic Merritt is Down With Brown

Merritt shows off three dog-droppingly different shades of brown...

Tucked amongst the advertising folderol and nude Freaky Friday pics of this week's New York magazine fashion issue was a piece on precious New Yorkers who only wear one color. And in no case was that color black.

Turns out Magnetic Fields maestro Stephin Merritt has a wardrobe entirely made up of variations on brown. He has some fairly compelling reasons for this:
"Brown shows absolutely nothing. You’d have to spill some fuchsia paint. If you wear black, dandruff is horrific and lint is a nightmare—and dog hair, in my case, is a particular problem."
Or, if you are conservative sacred cow and dead President Ronald Reagan, you wear a brown suit to match the hair goop and to pay tribute to Harold Bell Wright's Christian themed novel That Printer of Udell...

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