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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Music News: This Week's New Music

Jill Sobule: Alright, you kissed a girl -- now what?

British Sea Power returns this week, if not to the waves then to the dwindling number of record stores nationwide with Do You Like Rock Music? Why yes, yes I do! A more appropo question in light of their new bigger sound would be "Do you like stadium rock" to which I say, "Um, Sometimes..." Here's the creepy puppet-filled video for "No Lucifer":

Straight from a Vasser girl's dorm room circa 1995 comes the tracklisting for Neil Young tribute Cinnamon Girl: Women Artists Cover Neil Young For Charity. You get your ex-Throwing Muses (both Donnely and Hersh) , Veruca Salt, Jill Sobule, Britta Phillips and more. Oh and it goes to benefit the breast cancer prevention industry.
Here's the Fabio-fortified video for Sobule's hit "I Kissed a Girl", in retrospect a clear harbinger of our future moral decline:

Robert Pollard oh-so-casually releases one of the 75 albums he is likely to plop out this year with Superman Was a Rocker. Here's Pollard from 2006 doing one of the best of the 25,000 songs he's released in the last few years, "I'm a Widow":

Alert the kids! On second thought...Michael Jackson sees his high-water mark Thriller re-issued in a 25th Anniversary edition. Oh fuck it, ever see a reptile dance? Well now's your chance. Oh and there's a bunch of lizards too:

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