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Monday, February 11, 2008

Design: The March of Progress Continues -- Western Civilization Advances with Invention of the Col-Pop

The ability to eat processed meat and grease and drink industrially tweaked carbonated liquid has until now been hindered by the woefully inefficiently seperated storage containers that required the consumer to put something down before switching from solid to liquid intake or, move one's head while both are propped on a table of sufficient height. No more! South Korean based fast-food chain BBQ Chicken has brought us the Col-Pop, more proof that America is falling behind in the sciences.

Yes, crispy chicken-like formed meat nuggets ride atop in all their crispy greasy goodness whilst the plastic straw plunges into the liquid holding tank below to extract ice-cold carbonated goodness.

Check out the brillaint Serious Eats blog's invaluable educational film on the Col-Pop:

Thanks to the invaluable Timaster who drew our attention to this revolution in food consumption.

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