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Friday, February 29, 2008

The Intertubes: VLES Allows For Real Fake Experience of Cool New York No One Can Afford Anymore

Virtual Max Fish

VLES does not stand for very lesbian, rather it means Virtual Lower East Side. What it is, is a Viacom owned Second Life-like world that uses the hip coolness of New York City's Lower East Side to promote bands. But can you have cybersex there?

More importantly, will the rents spiral ever upwards replacing all of these denizens with well-heeled Wall Streeters who are another market crash away from oblivion? If some of the lovingly recreated venues like Max Fish and Katz's Deli go the way of CBGB, will they be erased here too?
Frankly this isn't my idea of cultural landmarking, and the idea of this neighborhood as a distinct melange of cultural influences has already been superceded by the relentless march of gentrification. I look forward to VWilliamsburg.

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