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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Politics: Senate Votes To Undermine Rule of Law -- Shield Phone Companies From Prosecution For Caving to Illegal Govt Pressure

Sen. Jay Rockefeller -- Why does he hate our freedom?

In a truly sad turn of events, 19 Democrats including Intelligence Chair Jay Rockefeller, voted to save the telcom companies' bacon and shield them from the consequences of inaction. Rather than support a citizen's and a corporation's right to resist being asked or forced to commit a crime at the behest of the federal government, they have rewarded those who did not speak out and used the shield of "patriotism" to hide behind.

The attacks of September 11th were not an excuse to suspend constitutional authority, the rule of law, or common sense. Reasonable people did not speak up in places like Iran, Afghanistan, and Nazi Germany out of the same kind of fear and blindness that gripped companies like AT & T. With every distortion of the rule of law, our constitutional protections, and our American way of life, the President and those who enable his Imperial agenda allow the terrorists to win.

This is a shameful distortion of the rule of law, let your Senator and member of the House know that you will not stand for it!

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