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Friday, February 1, 2008

Politics: Guest Star-Studded Debate Turns Into The Love Vote

", exciting and new..."

Let the WGA strike the Oscar's this year. We already got all the cutaway shots we need at last night's debate between Democratic Presidential contenders Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. CNN must have shown Rob Reiner five times -- so sorry about Bucket List getting snubbed by the Academy, Meathead! There was a loving shot of Remington James Bond, and my personal fave was very fetching America Ferrara wearing the very latest in Hillary buttons.

The debate you ask? The candidates mostly stayed away from the rough stuff and at times looked so lovey dovey that I wanted to suggest they get a room. When it came down to the nitty-gritty, Hill was still stronger on substance with a very assured and detailed explanation of her health plan versus Obama's. He may have been less surefooted when it came to the policy wonkery but he brought the charm and most importantly the vision.

They both got their hits in on the immigrants being allowed to get driver's licenses issue (a red herring as its a state matter anyhow). Obama referenced Hillary's shaky answer on this initially and she was good enough to remind him gently but forcefully of his own problems with this topic earlier in the year. He sheepishly nodded his head. It was like watching an old married couple.

This was the kind of healing exchange of ideas the party needed at this juncture. Obama eloquently reached out to Edwards supporters, as did Hillary, and everyone seemed to leave the event with a warm glow -- except perhaps for Wolf Blitzer who was roundly booed for trying to bait Obama into an attack. Here's a clip -- check out 4:54 forward for the line of the night, delivered by Clinton, oh and Annie Hall:

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