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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

TV: In Defense of Sue Simmons

By Noah Mallin

There's been a lot of hubbub here in New York over anchorwoman Sue Simmons and an inadvertent on-air outburst. The iconic television fixture was doing an on-air promo with longtime anchorman Chuck Scarborough when someone did something to prompt her call out of "What the fuck are you doing?"

To be fair, Chuck and Sue have been on the air together longer than most marriages last, since sometime in the late 70s. It also seems that the cause of her outburst was Chuck's failure to pick up his cue while being distracted so it's kind of Chuck's fault.

The point is that some misguided folks are calling for Sue to be fired and step down. Puh-leese. After two decades of anchoring she's entitled to a sloppy moment, and one that I'm sure is replicated in workplaces and homes all across American every day.

Really, what the fuck are we doing anyhow? Leave Sue alone people!

The clip is below, with lame apologia tacked on...

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