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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Music News: Guv Lets Slick Rick Slide -- Patterson Pardons MC Ricky D

By Noah Mallin

Old-School rap legend Slick Rick, aka MC Ricky D, Ricky Walters, Tha Ruler, etc. has been pardoned by New York governor David Patterson. Slick Rick had been convicted and served time for murder stemming from an early 90s incident and the Department of Homeland Security had been trying to deport him to Great Britain based on the charges.

Rick had a platinum album in 1988 with the groundbreaking The Adventures of Slick Rick, which featured hilarious tongue-in-cheek rhymes over clever samples delivered in Rick's ripe British accent. There are also some thoughtful moments that suggest a more serious view of sex and violence.

I'd love to show you an official video but the idiots at Universal Music still seem to think that disabling embedding on YouTube somehow helps them sell music. Somebody shake those morons awake and tell them that music videos are promotional tools, not product. Gee, I wonder why they have to resort to suing their customers to sell records?

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