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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Music: Weezer Vid is Net Pleaser

New Weezer album cover or Village People 2.0? Emo Scarface Guy, Dweeb, Puny Cowboy and Tattoo Enthusiast

In the last post I whined, as I so often do, about record companies that don't understand that music videos are advertisements and ought to be embeddable by anyone. Along comes Weezer to prove the point by cleverly producing a video that asks (maybe too hard) for viral love.

Oh Weezer, how can I say no? With a catchy melody hewed from pure power punk goodness and hilarious and poignant cameos from the Chocolate Rain dude, the numma numma kid, Chris Crocker and a bunch of other YouTubers "Pork and Beans" is a must to display here. Lets hope the rest of the new album manages to put memories of their last two to rest...

Oh, and nice 'stache Rivers...

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