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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Film: Eddie Murphy Returns To The Well For More 'Cop"

Eddie Murphy, Eddie Murphy, and Eddie Murphy block out a scene for the new Beverly Hills Cop movie somewhere in the digital future...

By Noah Mallin

After revivals of 80s franchises Indiana Jones and Rambo Eddie Murphy has thrown his hat into the idea exhaustion ring and will lead a revival of the moribund Beverly Hills Cops films. The original film was retooled from a Stallone actioner to a Murphy action comedy and was one of the big hits of 1984. It also insured Judge Reinhold and Bronson Pinchot would have decade lasting careers but we can forgive it for that. The sequel featured a Bob Seger's song "Shakedown" and that's all there is to say about that. The law of ever-diminishing returns was in full effect with the third sequel released in 1994.

For the new one we can presumably expect Eddie to play his usual character of Axel Foley as well as taking over Reinhold's role of Billy, the role of the tough as nails police chief, the role of a Rastafarian informant, and the main villain -- a 300 pound black woman bank robber with Lee press-on nails.

Seriously though, Brett Ratner will be adding his own special whiff of eau-du-turd as director. Apparently he got confused and thought the title was Rush Hour 4.

So kids, feel free to play the home game: Gremlins 3? Breakin' 3: Electric Boogalee? No tapped out franchise is too dumb to be revived!

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