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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Music News: Billboard Charts Get Slippery Again

Rilo Kiley -- someone didn't get the memo re: white

It's a measure of what a good chart year this has been for indie rock when career-high debuts by both M.I.A. and New Pornographers can be described as disappointing. However in the wake of Top 5 albums from The Shins and Modest mouse and a Top 10 album from Spoon the bar has been set high. Hopes were particularly strong for the New Pornos who were hoping for a Spoon-like surge. They have to make do with a respectable placement of number 34 for Challengers on Billboards top 200 in the wake of mixed reviews. M.I.A does better at number 18 for Kala despite deep and adulatory press clippings. Even Rilo Kiley who have a new album that makes The Eagles sound like scruffy ruffians have to make do at number 22 with Under The Blacklight. Is the indie boomlet over or will this too pass?

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