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Monday, August 27, 2007

Music: Coachella -- the Frankenstein's castle of rock festivals may raise another corpse from the dead

MBV gaze listlessly at the camera, for a change

Billboard magazine reports that Kevin Shields long-dormant and super-revered band My Bloody Valentine may re-unite to headline Coachella 2008. A link to the story is here . Coachella has previously hosted the revivified corpses of such bands as Pixies and Jesus and Mary Chain. My Bloody Valentine is perhaps the best and most influential of the so-called "shoegazer" bands who roamed the British and then American nascent alterna-rock scene in the late 80's and early 90's. Their last album was 1991's Loveless, a classic of super-stacked guiatarscapes coupled with breathy vocals. Check out their official (?) MySpace page here. Just to get you even more excited here's a live video from their last tour in 1991. I was privileged to see them open up for Dinosaur Jr. and they had a sound that literally ripped the top of your skull off. "You Made Me Realize" seemed to go on forever...awesome!

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