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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Music: Greatest Hits of Greatest Hits

This Associated Press article about the refusal of the band Cake to do a Greatest Hits album has some interesting points and also led me to thinking (always a dangerous thing). What are my favorite greatest hits albums? Here are my top 10 in no order whatsoever. For me a hits album is synonymous with a singles album so keep that in mind peeps. To the list!

Squeeze -- "Here let me get that spot of cream cheese for you"

1) Squeeze - Singles 45's and Under

2) Chuck Berry - The Great 28

3) Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady

Buzzcocks -- not at all drunk

4) The Beatles - Red and Blue Albums

5) The Rolling Stones - Through The Past, Darkly

6) The Cars - Greatest Hits

James Brown discovers that the stage of the Apollo has been freshly mopped

7) James Brown - The CD of JB

8) The Cure - Standing on a Beach

9) Buddy Holly - From The Original Master Tapes

10) Aretha Franklin - 30 Greatest Hits

Did I leave any of your favorites out? Let me know!

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