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Friday, August 24, 2007

Music: Neil Young Gets Into Heavy Meta

Neil Young in 1976 contemplates doing an album called "Living With War" about some kind of mid-east war started by an unpopular arrogant President -- but would the world be ready yet?

According to his label and every other music site in Blogistan Neil Young's new album Chrome Dreams II is set to be unleashed on October 16th. What's that you say, you missed Chrome Dreams I? Well that's because it was due to come out sometime in 1976 before being unceremoniously yanked form the release schedule and returned to the man's extensive underground climate-controlled vaults. And speaking of those vaults, the first volume in Young's planned Archives boxed set series is not coming out this fall as planned but is being pushed back to next February. Or so. Las Vegas oddsmakers are once again taking bets on whether Archives, Guns N' Roses long gestating Chinese Democracy, or actual Chinese democracy will come first. To give the uninitiated an idea of how long Archives has been planned, the first time it was scheduled for release was when I was in college. And I graduated in 1995. So Chrome Dreams II, the sequel to a release that only hardcore Neil junkies have ever heard (although many of it's songs like "Like a Hurricane" would later show up on either releases or in other forms) in place of another Neil set that, again, only hardcore Neil junkies have ever heard. Oh Neil, you're so meta!

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