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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Art: The Dick Just Keeps on Coming -- or, Inserting Dick in Dionne Warwick's Mouth

There must be something in the air this week, perhaps an orbiting all-knowing satellite monitoring our activities and shooting a pink beam of light into our foreheads. Oh, never mind, that's just Alberto Gonzales monitoring our activities...see you in FISA court! Anyhow, this is our second Philip K. Dick item and it comes from the Gray Lady herself - The New York Times. Randy Kennedy writes about conceptual artist Sean Dack who has taken the sheet music for number one hits in the years after Philip K. Dick's death, including Dionne Warwick's gloopy "That's What Friends are For" and replaced the original lyrics with Dick's late life apocalyptic prophesies. Hilarity ensues? Maybe not -- but sometimes art ain't funny. Read the piece here. Note that you have to register on the Times if you haven't already but it's free. What's next? Total Recall II?

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