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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Books: Fletch, Flynn Creator Gregory Mcdonald Dies at 72

Author Gregory Mcdonald who created the characters of investigative reporter Irwin Maurice (I.M.) Fletcher - better known as Fletch - and Boston's own Inspector Flynn - has died of cancer. Fletch was a sensation when he was introduced to readers in 1974, spawning numerous books and two films starring Chevy Chase. Chase caught the hip deadpan intelligence of his character's literary origins but added the silly disguises and aliases that marked the films.

Inspector Flynn was a family man police inspector and a bit of an enigma - his mysterious past and Irish brogue setting him apart even in that most Irish of American cities - Boston. Flynn was introduced in the book Confess, Fletch and soon merited a few books of his own.

Both series petered out a bit in quality by the 90s and it's only recently that they've been re-issued. The 70s-era titles are well worth reading for fans of offbeat mystery.