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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Politics: Surviving an Attempted PUMA Mauling

Added to the usual stress of a New York City commute this morning was a sweet faced older lady who turned out to be that rare but oft-mentioned species: The PUMA. PUMAs (party unity my ass) are people who, quite simply, put gender before actual issues. This is the essential danger of out of control rampant identity politics - something Republicans have latched onto with Palin after criticizing Democrat minority candidates for years as being nothing more than vote repositories for folks who feel disenfranchised. Here's how the PUMA attack went down:

Older lady on bench at 3 train station: Want to see MY pin?

Me: Sure

She opens her palm to reveal a post-it note(!) that says "NoBama."

Me (edging away): Well...good luck!

Older lady: Want to know why?

Me: I can't imagine...

Older lady: Oh I think you dare he deny a woman like Hillary the nomination. An important leader who should be our President! (getting loud I might add)

Me: You can't rewrite history (shrugs)

Older lady: Hillary ought to be our President!

Me: So you are going to vote for a ticket that stands for the opposite of everything she's worked for?

Older lady: I don't care. You know on election day there are going to be riots and cries of "Kill Whitey" if he doesn't get in...(She actually said this!)

Me (stepping into my mercifully arrived train): I've met Hillary and she'd be disgusted by that comment...

So I managed to escape with my life and dignity intact but beware! PUMAs are loose in New York City's subways. And they are vicious...


Lisa Paul said...

For a minute I forgot my acronyms and thought you'd been attacked by a Cougar. Like Katie Couric. Well, maybe your PUMA was trying to pick you up as well.

Alessandro Machi said...

Barack Obama cheated in the caucus contests while portending to be about change.

Barack Obama received over 250 million dollars in undocumented donations, this after reneging on his promise to go mano a mano against John McCain.

Barack Obama, as we are finding out, dances awfully close with the gamers from Chicago, who apparently are among the dirtiest of politicians.

And finally, nobody really studied how Barack Obama treated his dying mother during her final two years on the planet. We do Barack Obama chose to write a book about his sperm donor father and schmooze the Chicago Foundation scene during that time.

This is not an impressive list of "achievements".