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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Music: Halloween Edition - Scary Musicians!

Just in time for Devil's Night, here are some of the scariest musicians I've ever heard. That criteria excludes stuff like Swedish death metal, Nazi punk bands, and Joe The Plumber (he's signing a record deal y'know.) If you've heard scarier, let me know! To the music!

1) The Misfits
Sure Glenn Danzig's eponymous band was a little scary but the Misfits were the best in horror punk - like the Ramones raised on a steady diet of b-movie slashers. Beneath that poppy punk are lyrics about wanting those sweet little girls...for their skulls!

2) Happy Flowers
Firstly, you need to know that one of the band's two members is named Mr. Anus. The other member? Mr. Horribly Charred Infant. And what are the titles of some of their songs you may ask? "They Cleaned My Cut Out With a Wire Brush", "Pull Off it's Head", and the big non-hit "If This Gun Were Real ( I Could Shoot You and Sleep in the Big Bed With Mommy)." This song, "Colors in the Rain", is perhaps a bit too poppy for their core audience:

3.Charles Manson
So yeah, Charlie Manson wrote songs, recorded them, is said to have auditioned for The Monkees and even hung out with The Beach Boys who placed his ditty "Look at Your Game Girl" on a b-side. And yep, still scary!

4.Aphex Twin
Aphex Twin is kind of funny scary, and still fun to listen to. But "Come To Daddy" and particularly the video still sends chills down my spine. Could it be Richard D. James grinning scary face?

5. Laibach
Laibach embrace fascist symbiology in order to undermine it. Or so they say. I see stuff like the video for their thudding disturbing cover of the Rolling Stones' "Sympathy For The Devil" below and imagine them reanimating dead Nazi soldiers from the bottom of Swiss lakes. I know, fear kind of makes no sense...

6. Skinny Puppy
 Sampling horror films and titling songs stuff like "Deep Down Trauma Hounds," this was a deeply unsettling band at the forefront of industrial music. To be fair though, they had heart. Bloody, still beating heart freshly chest-plucked.

Pretty much the first and only band in the brief "horrorcore" rap scene Gravediggaz were in reality the creation of Rap production genius Prince Paul, RZA, and a few other folks. Scary good stuff!

8. G.G. Allin
G.G. Allin wasn't satisfied unless he shit, cut himself, peed and received oral sex onstage. Nowadays we call that performance art but he insisted on making music as well. This dead junkie was revolting sure, but also scary - zombified as much in life as in death.

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