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Friday, December 14, 2007

Art and Design: Last Minute Gifts for the Holidays

Well it's too late for Hanukkah but for those last minute gift givers may I direct you to two websites that are hawking some extremely nice items -- and better yet they are from friends of mine.

Typewriter - By Jessica Frederick
Why not give the gift of art? I've known Jessica Frederick since New Edition was the hot boy band and she is a very talented artist who has attracted commissions from a number of prominent corporations and private collectors. You can contact her to purchase a print online through the interwebs. Now that's progress!

Then of course there is jewelry, and Michelle Samson is like one of those crafty crows that can spot a nifty shiny object a mile away. Except you get to feather your nest with her finds. She says, "Jewelry should not be dull -- it should be a form of expression, a form of art." Check out her company Mademoiselle Jewelry here.

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